Ultrax Labs Hair Solace Conditioner

Ultrax Labs Hair Solace Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Conditioner

Ultrax Labs Hair Solace Conditioner
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This conditioner can be applied to the scalp to help manage hair loss.

It really volumizes and smoothen my hair after the first use.

What I wish is that it is sold in pump-type bottle rather than having to squeeze this good stuff out of the bottle!

Today, the 24th of January 2017, I’m trying the Ultrax Labs Hair Solace Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating conditioner … for the first time since we got it a couple of months ago.

Complementary to Ultrax Labs Caffeine Shampoo

Typing the full name of the conditioner alone tires me! Ultrax Labs Hair Solace ConditionerIn any case, since we bought this conditioner together with the Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Shampoo and the Plush treatment, I thought I’d give it a try. Some people might be wondering what’s the big deal about trying this conditioner anyway. But for me, who believes that conditioners worsen my hair loss condition, it’s a BIG step. I can’t ‘scientifically’ back up my belief, but this has kep me away from conditioners for more than six months. Yes, for the past months, I had gone without conditioners and had many times, been reminded of how ‘dry’ my hair is by the hairdresser. I think she gave up on trying to coax me to start using one again.

Ultrax Labs Hair Solace Caffeine Hair Loss Conditioner – Ingredients

Actually, I had forgotten that we bought the conditioner together with the shampoo. What’s more, using conditioners is not part of my routine. Hubby had placed it in the bathroom cabinet, somewhat out of (my) plain sight. A TV commercial on battling dry hair reminded me about it. The main ingredients that make up the Ultrax Labs Hair Solace Conditioner  are :

  • Caffeine (not a surprise since Ultrax products are caffeince-based) – The incorporation of caffeince is to extend the hair follicles’ lifespan and promote healthy hair.
    Here’s more on the benefits of caffeine
  • Eucalyptus – An ingredient that Japanese studies have shown to strengthen hair roots. It is also said to enhance hair growth in the cortex area.
  • Chamomile Recutitta – Not only can chamomile soothe a sore throat, it can also help reduce inflammation and irritated skin, which is shown to promote healthy hair growth.

How to Use This Conditioner?

The instructions on the bottle said to apply the conditioner onto your whole scalp and to let it work for about two minutes before rinsing. This is not a ‘pump-type’ of bottle, like the Ultrax Shampoo. You have to squeeze the contents out. I did not, however, apply it straight on my scalp. Rather, I started appplying it from the middle of my hair downwards. I’m still skeptical as to what a conditioner can do to my scalp. My goal of using this conditioner is just so that my hair won’t look so unruly. Being able to comb my hair with ease and having smoother hair would be most welcomed too.

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My Take


As far as whether this conditioner helps in my hair loss, I can’t tell at this stage as this is my first time using it. With its mild fragrance, I would use it again though. I did notice, however, that my hair felt more bouncy and yes, definitely so much easier to comb through. What’s most important is that, as I run my fingers through my hair, I notice only one or two strands of hair fell off. I understand that because of the its eucalyptus and chamomile content, the Ultrax Labs conditioner helps users with Psoriasis given the anti-inflammotory, soothing nature of these ingredients. The conditioner is generally loved by users of wavy AND straight hair because it volumizes and softens most hair.


I don’t fancy that I need to squeeze this good stuff out of the bottle. Why can’t the makers of this conditioner produce it in pump-type bottles like the Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Shampoo? I wish the smell could be more fragrant than ‘mild’ but then again, if that’s the case, I wouldn’t be able to stop playing with my hair! The price could be a turn-off for some, but since I’m now sharing this conditioner with my daughter, I can justify its purchase. (Not sharing this conditioner with hubby because he doesn’t use ‘wash-off’ conditioners).

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