Top 10 Shampoo for Hair Loss

Top Shampoos for Hair Loss (updated 2020)

This list of “top shampoos for hair loss” is dynamic – as I anticipate to keep changing, adding, removing various shampoos that I tried and tested, to maintain my favorite top 10

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About Shampoos …..

While using an anti-hair loss shampoo alone might not have any positive impact on managing hair loss, it is true that some shampoos work better for some people than they do on others (in reducing hair loss and stimulating hair growth).

Like everyone else with hair loss issues, I would find strands of hair falling during as well as after I shampoo my hair. Of course, the hair loss that I experience wasn’t as much when I was younger as compared to now.

Not all the shampoos I use result in the same amount of hair fall though. Naturally I got worried and became a serial shampoo buyer, trying and switching from one brand to another.

In the past few years, particularly, my husband and I were kind of on a hunt for the most suitable shampoo for our hair – the kind that would help in our hair loss. So this post is a record on the shampoos for hair loss that we tried. The result that my husband and I get may differ sometimes, owing to perhaps factors like gender, the degree of hair loss and the texture of our hair.

Choice of Shampoos

Initially, in looking for anti-hair loss shampoo to try, we didn’t give much weight to the ingredients that go into making the shampoo. We were more concerned about the kind of results that other users have been getting after they use the shampoo.

Admittedly, we had overlooked and neglected an aspect of a shampoo that could ‘make or break’ our attempt in managing hair loss.

However, as we got more serious about managing our problem, we soon found that there’s more to anti-hair loss shampoo than its name. It is the ingredients that go into the shampoo that would ultimately lead to the results you see on your hair.

Hair Loss Shampoos That Work

There are some ingredients that you might want to pay attention to before you decide on buying an anti-hair loss shampoo. Saw palmetto and green tea are said to be a kind of treatment for DHT (dihydro-testosterone hormones) blockers, helping to reduce hair fall.

This would help particularly if the hair loss is genetic (or hereditary balding).

However, hair loss sufferers with dry scalp, would benefit more using shampoos with ingredients like aloe vera, argan oil or olive oil.

What Bodes Well (Or Not) With Hubby and Me

Here I will share the different hair-loss shampoos that my husband and I have tried and the subsequent results that we experience after using these shampoos for a period of time.

There are some shampoos that we use for a longer period while others that we stopped using only after a few washes. Those that stick with us for longer are the ones that we are happy with or simply provide no difference in terms of the hair fall compared to the previous shampoo that we used.

Contrary to some people’s belief, you can tell if a shampoo is suitable for you just after two to three washes. For those that cause considerable hair loss (for me it’s more than 30 strands in a day), I wouldn’t waste my time on them.

I know some would say it’s wasteful but would you rather have more hair loss or try save whatever that’s still there and work on growing more?

Top 10 Shampoo for Hair Loss

Updated as of June 2020

1 Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Shampoo

2 Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Shampoo

3 Nanogen Shampoo

4 Lipogaine Big 3 Shampoo

5 Simply Organic Black Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo

6 Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Castor Oil Shampoo

7 iRestore Hair Growth System

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