Black Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo

Simply Organic Black Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo

Black Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo
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Simply Organic Black Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo is SLS-free, paraben-free.

It’s easy to lather and provides softness and manageability to the hair after use.

If you are sharing with your other half, this shampoo can really be economical with its low pricing.


As we are into shampoos that helps with hair loss and growth, this shampoo does not help in either based on our experience.

While the shampoo has worked for some, we found more hair fall after use.

There’s so much talk about Black Jamaican oil being effective in managing hair loss.

I don’t fancy putting oil on my hair so I took to trying black Jamaican castor oil shampoo instead.

Black Jamaican Castor Oil 

Castor oil is derived from a plant scientifically known as Ricinus Communis.

With its lubricating and waxing properties, it is also used in skincare products to help re-hydrate the skin.

One of the reasons why castor oil is effective is because it is largely made up of Ricinoleic acid – an Omega-9 fatty acid that can penetrate into the pores of the skin and the hair follicles. This provides nourishment to the scalp, enabling the hair follicles to do its job in restoring hair growth.

Types of Castor Oil

When I first heard about castor oil, I didn’t know that there are different types.

As I researched, I got to know more about natural castor oil, organic castor oil and Black Jamaican castor oil.

With all the different types, it can get quite overwhelming as to which to choose.

If you ever intend to try castor oil on your scalp, just ensure that the oil is produced for cosmetic purposes and not for industrial use.

Hubby applies the black Jamaican castor oil  and he found it helps to reduce his hair loss. However, don’t expect miracles because he used it for about six weeks before he could see any difference.

As for me, I just don’t quite like applying oil on my scalp and the thick consistency of the oil is another turn-off.

The Difference

Colorless or light yellow, natural castor oil is cold pressed from the castor plant.

As you would have guessed, organic castor oil is produced free from harmful additives and pesticides, making it ideal for use on hair and skin.

The third type of castor oil worth mentioning is the Black Jamaican castor oil which is usually darker in color, owing to the way that it is processed.

Generally, castor beans from the castor plant are cold pressed at high pressure to release the oil.

Lighter-colored oil indicates that it has less impurities compared to a darker-coloured one.

Dark castor oil gets its color from the castor beans being mixed with ash as the beans were being roasted. As a result, the oil is not 100 percent oil, but a mixture (of beans and ash).

However, whether the ‘yellow-coloured’ castor oil is better than its darker counterpart is not scientifically proven, as people have vouched to the benefits of both for their hair and skin.


Black Jamaican Castor Oil ShampooBlack Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo

With all the benefits associated with castor oil, we decided to try the Black Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo from Simply Organic.

The price of the shampoo won’t burn a hole in your pocket and this was one of the draws of the shampoo.

When I received the product, I was looking for the label to determine the ingredients used in the shampoo.


If you are looking to find the ingredients of this shampoo on the bottle’s label, you’ll be disappointed as no ingredients are listed.

Simply Organic has claimed that this shampoo will stimulate hair growth due to the extra concentration of ash, combined with the black Jamaican castor oil.

The company also reassures that its shampoo :

  • Contains ingredients which are Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International.
  • Is cruelty-free and made with 100% pure plant-based ingredients and exceeds EU Cosmetic Directive Guidelines.
  • Does not use petroleum products, parabens, synthetic fragrances, “Parfums”, “Botanical Parfums”, artificial colours, Formaldehyde or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).
  • Is scented with exclusive blend of pure therapeutic-grade Essential Oils.

Since the reviews on this shampoo seems encouraging, I went ahead to use it.

Our Take


On first applying it on my hair, I realized it doesn’t take much to lather.

The essential oils in the shampoo probably contributes to the shampoo’s pleasant smell.

Apart from its pleasant and refreshing smell, what I like about it is that it makes your hair soft and bouncy after use.


As I was washing my hair, I realize that quite a significant amount of hair fall fell into the sinkhole.

I didn’t give it much thought as hair tends to fall anyway, regardless of the shampoo I use. It’s just a matter of the number of strands I lose per wash.

So I used again and by the second and third time, I noticed that the strands that fall were more than when I use Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Shampoo

So did I use it again? No, and two-thirds of a bottle is still sitting on the shelve.


I appreciate that this shampoo has worked for some users who claim to see less hair fall and more hair growth.

However, I’ve decided it’s just not for me.

I thought, at first, that it’s just not made for me. But after hubby used it and have similar experience, he stopped using it too.

Will all the good stuff seemingly contained in this shampoo, it’s just unfortunate that it hasn’t worked well for hubby and me.

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