Shampoo That Makes Hair Grow

Shampoo That Makes Hair Grow?

Is iRestore shampoo THE shampoo that makes hair grow?

Well, I have been using this shampoo since December 2017 and here, I share my experience in using it for three months now.


How It Has Been So Far?

Shampoo That Makes Hair Grow
This is taken from the iRestore website. Yes, the shampoo lathers that much as you use – perhaps owing to the Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) content.

The shampoo lathers easily and exudes a faint pleasant scent.

As it lathers easily, you don’t need much to wash down dirt or impurities on your scalp.

The label on the bottle says that it is suitable for daily use. (I don’t use it everyday though as I wash my hair on alternate days).






Plus Points

Some people go for nice-smelling shampoos because they like the fresh feeling of just getting out of a shower or bath.

Honestly, I don’t mind that this shampoo does not have an enticing smell that lifts your senses or lingers throughout the day. The faint pleasant smell is fine by me, because I am more concerned about what the shampoo can do in my hair loss management.

The fact that it lathers readily would make it my shampoo of choice should I use hard water to wash my hair. Other shampoos that I tried before did not lather as well (especially in hard water), so I ended up using more shampoo to manage my whole scalp.

Despite some belief that the shampoo’s content of Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) would make your hair dry, it is not the case with this shampoo. In fact, there is no need for me to apply conditioner just so that I can comb through my hair.

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Ultimate Result … After Three Months

Although there are some things I like about the shampoo, it has to deliver the results that I had hoped for in terms of hair loss management before it can make the mark to be one of my recommended shampoos.

The ultimate question is whether it has at least helped in reducing or better yet, stop the hair loss. While stopping hair loss completely might be like asking for the moon, I feel that to expect some reduction in hair loss is reasonable.

To my disappointment, in these three months that hubby and I have used the shampoo, there is no hair loss reduction when we wash our hair.

In fact, I have noticed that I shred more strands – approximately 50 to 60 after each wash. It was certainly alarming given that my hair drop count is usually 25-30. I thought I was the only one experiencing this. It turned out that hubby faced it too.

It wasn’t like this when we used it at the beginning. There was reduction in hair loss but as I continued using the shampoo, somehow there was a reversal.

So we did a little experiment – to isolate the cause of ‘more hair loss’, by treating the iRestore hair growth (helmet) system, serum and supplements as constants and the shampoo as our variable.

Instead of using the iRestore shampoo, we used the Art Naturals Argan Oil Shampoo or the Lipogaine Big 3 Shampoo. We still have some left of these when we started using iRestore.


Our Experiment

I wouldn’t say that the result was dramatic, after we switched the shampoo. However, I must say that we could both see there was less hair lost when we used the different shampoos.

In an email I received from iRestore, it said that hair loss is to be expected with the use of the iRestore Hair Growth system in the first three months. The hair loss should reduce as you use the system longer.

For some reason, the iRestore shampoo, in our case, does not seem to work in our favour. We found that the increased hair loss, for us, happened after washing our hair with the iRestore shampoo. It does not happen as we comb through our hair. This is enough reason to make us replace the iRestore shampoo with others while continuing to use the iRestore hair growth (helmet) system, serum and supplements.

Having said that however, I noticed that tiny new hair has grown on the most scarcely-covered area on hubby’s scalp (the vertex particularly). The frontal part of his scalp is definitely covered with thicker hair.

So I would say that although we have now excluded the iRestore shampoo from our use of the whole iRestore Hair Growth system regime, we believe the system has potential in our hair loss management, judging from the new hair growth (on hubby) and reduction of hair loss (for myself) … MINUS the shampoo (in our case), of course.

I have tried to ‘brainstorm’ as to why the shampoo seems to cause us more hair loss. Could it be the water? This doesn’t make sense because we used the shampoo in both Singapore and Melbourne (with harder water). In both places, more hair lost!

Rather than cracking our brains trying to figure this out, we have now stopped using the iRestore shampoo and replaced it with the Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Shampoo.

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