Provillus Hair Loss Treatment Men

Provillus Hair Loss Treatment – Men

Provillus Hair Loss Treatment (Men)
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For my husband, Provillus helped to stop the hair loss and stimulate some hair growth after using two bottles.

The product contains Minoxidil, which must be used continuously once started. It has to be applied twice a day and we are uncertain of the long term effects (if any) of this application.

Provillus Hair Loss Treatment – Men

It was in early 2016 that I came across Provillus Hair Loss Treatment for men and was excited to get hubby to try.

Reading reviews on the product gets me even more motivated to buy the product for hubby, particularly that I could hardly find any reviews (at that point) that talked about negative side effects from users who tried the product.


What’s in Provillus?

My initial concern though was the main ingredient used in the product – Minoxidil.

Questions ran through my mind :

  • What is Minoxidil?
  • Is this ingredient safe to use, even for the longer term?
  • Does it have side effects?
  • Is it ok to be used by men and women?


Minoxidil for Hair Loss

Believe it or not, Minoxidil was a drug given to patients with high blood pressure. Side effects for some patients taking the drug include the growth of darker and thicker facial hair.

Further studies revealed that Minoxidil, when topically applied, can induce hair growth in some people. Hence, the use of Minoxidil in some anti-hair loss products such as Provillus.

A consolation is that (as topical application for hair-loss sufferers),
Minoxidil is deemed safe to use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Generally each strand of our hair grows for about 1,000 days before it falls out. In men and women who experience hair loss, the lifespan of their hair gets shorter, hair follicles get smaller and the hair becomes finer and more delicate.

Sounds depressing? I know ….

Additionally, as we age, our hair follicles become more sensitive to the hormones DHT, leading to hair falling out.

Products containing Minoxidil is believed to help with hair loss in that it stimulates blood flow to the area where it is applied. This subsequently has the effect of extending the ‘lifespan’ of the hair, simultaneously encouraging hair growth.

You might have come across terms like ‘Minoxidil 2’ and ‘Minoxidil 5’ which essentially refers to the concentration of the solution.

Minoxidil with 2 percent concentration is tailored for women while Minoxidil with 5 percent concentration is meant for men.

Does Provillus Really Work?

Provillus Hair Loss Treatment Men

Provillus is recommended to be used twice a day, being applied more to the affected areas, rather than all over the scalp. It’s best to keep the scalp clean and dry before use. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to apply it right after washing your hair.

Some men have reported seeing positive results just a few months after using Provillus. Yet there are others who don’t have such ‘luck’ with Provillus. Why does it work on some but not on others?

Perhaps, users’ differing experience with using Provillus can be attributed to :

  • Stage of hair loss – Those who saw positive results with Provillus began to use the product at earlier stages of their hair loss. Younger men, would experience more encouraging results with Provillus, particularly if they begin to use the product early, as soon as they notice abnormal loss of hair.

Men who already have balding patches may not be able to grow new hair after using Provillus as Minoxidil will not be as effective in such instances.

  • Consistent Application – Those who apply Provillus conscientiously on their scalp two times a day see better results.

Some men who have seen positive results with Provillus might also have combined taking supplement finasteride or Propecia. Propecia, is prescribed to treat hair loss as it prevents testosterone from converting into DHT.


Our REAL Experience

I ordered the three months supply for hubby. At the time that he started using Provillus, hubby was also using Lipogaine shampoo.

There wasn’t much difference after finishing the first bottle of Provillus. However, hubby noticed less hair fall after using the second bottle. It was an indication that Provillus at least helped with the hair loss but we weren’t certain at that point if it helped to grow new hair.

By the third month, I noticed that there was some new hair growth but it wasn’t as thick or as much as that shown on the head of the man in the Provillus official site.

Then came end of the year – the holiday season. We went on vacation and didn’t bring Provillus with us. A few weeks later, hubby found that more hair started to fall (same amount as before he started on Provillus).

This could be due to the fact that hubby had stopped using Provillus for a while. So I thought it could be true that once you start using Minoxidil, it is not advisable to stop as the hair loss would return.

Hubby decided to stop using Provillus altogether as he didn’t want to be dependent on Minoxidil (despite finding that there are no side effects from using the 5 percent concentration solution as topical use for the longer term).

It isn’t that Provillus doesn’t work to help with the hair loss. For hubby, it’s more of the need to apply it twice a day in order to see it work that made him decide to stop using it.

Over time, he finds it rather taxing to be applying twice a day, particularly in the mornings when he’s rushing to work.


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