Nisim Newhair Biofactors

Nisim Newhair Biofactors

Nisim Newhair Biofactors Shampoo



Nisim Newhair Biofactors shampoo is free of sulphates, parabens and cocamide DEA.

It’s formulated for use by men AND women.

Some users reported seeing results in controlling hair loss in less than a month.


Although it helps in controlling hair loss, some people find their hair gets dry after use.

Nisim Newhair Biofactors

I have to admit that Nisim Newhair Biofactors shampoo stood out (to me) not only because of the fact that it is both sulphate- and paraben-free. It is the name …biofactors … that caught my attention!

Nisim Newhair Biofactors shampoo does not contain any sulphates, paraben or cocamide DEA, so for those who are consciously avoiding these ingredients in the products that they use, this shampoo might be something you want to try.

What is Cocamide DEA?

While most of us are aware of the potential effects of sulphates on health, we may not be familiar with what cocamide DEA might do to our body.

Cocamide DEA is short for cocamide diethanolamine. It is a chemically modified form of coconut oil, mainly used as foaming agent in products such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners, detergents.

It can cause allergic reaction such as mild dermatitis in some people. In large amounts, it is thought to be potentially carcinogenic to humans. So as much as possible, you would want to avoid products containing this ingredient!

Main Ingredients in Nisim Newhair Biofactors

The Nisim NEwhair Biofactors shampoo is totally free from any sulphates, parabens and cocamide DEA. (see this image below, taken from Nisim website)

Nisim Newhair Biofactors

Nisim Newhair Biofactors Shampoo (Normal to Dry Hair)

Basically there are two types of Nisim Newhair Biofactors shampoos that claim to help with hair loss – that for normal to oily hair and the other for normal to dry hair.

In both types, some of the ‘good’ ingredients are amino acids, vitamin B-complex and herbal extracts such as arnica, chestnut, geranium, ginseng, ivy and soybean seed.

With these ingredients, both the Nisim hair loss shampoos are said to work in two ways in the management of hair loss.

  1. The ingredients in the shampoo are to rid the scalp off impurities including sweat, oil, dirt that contribute to hair loss. The shampoo prevents the build-up of these impurities.
  2. Herbal extracts incorporated in the shampoo are said to control production of the hormon DHT to stimulate new hair growth.

A bottle of 8 oz. should last four to six weeks.

Nisim Shampoo Reviews

The majority of Nisim NewHair Biofactors Shampoo (both types) users are happy with the results they get, with some even claiming that they have been using this shampoo for years simply because the product helped in their management of hair loss.

The Good

Users could be rest assured that the shampoo contains no potentially harmful chemicals as it is free of sulphates, parabens and cocamide DEA. Generally, there are no side effects associated with using this shampoo.

A plus point is also that the company provides a 100-percent money back guarantee, making it easy for you to return the shampoo in the event that it does not work for you. You can claim this if you do not see desired results. But bare in mind that you are to use the shampoo continuosly for seven days before you can make the claim. A consolation is that there is no time limit for request of refund.

Unlike some other shampoo, the Nisim Newhair Biofactors shampoo can be used by both men and women. So couples with hair loss issues, using this shampoo could mean some savings.

(Note : As women generally have drier scalp, the shampoo for normal to dry hair would be a better option)

The Bad

The downside of this shampoo has nothing to do with the ingredients used nor the results users get.

It is in the claim that the company makes – that the shampoo could produce impressively drastic results of controlling hair loss just within a week of use. Nisim claims that you could see reduction in the amount of hair lost just in a week, with the condition that you follow the instructions of using the shampoo to a T. This means you need to use the shampoo every day. With each wash, you need to apply the shampoo twice (you apply once, then rinse and apply a second time before washing it off).

Some users have also claimed that the shampoo makes their hair dry.

Does It Help With Hair Loss?

This is a tricky question to answer for the reason that you need to be using ANY shampoo or anti-hair loss product for at least three months before you can see the difference.

While few claim to have seen some hair growth, many users of the Nisim Newhair Biofactor shampoo said it has at least stopped or reduced hair loss. These results were not seen after a few washes though. It took about two months for some and longer for others.

The GOOD and BAD about
NISIM Newhair Biofactors Shampoo – From REAL Users


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