Nanogen Shampoo Reviews

Nanogen Shampoo Reviews

Nanogen Shampoo Reviews
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This shampoo is great for maintaining hair but I’m not convinced that it reduces hair fall or stimulates hair growth (based on my personal experience). It is formulated for Minoxidil users so I believe if you are one, this shampoo might work for you.

The price is reasonable. It is SLS-free.

You would require conditioner after using this shampoo because it tends to make the hair stiff and rather unmanageable.

Not a unisex shampoo so couples who both face hair loss issues can’t share and save costs.

I was researching and reading about Nanogen shampoo reviews online because I saw this shampoo in a Priceline store in Melbourne.

Nanogen Shampoo Reviews

Nanogen Shampoo ReviewsMelbourne, Australia, is a city I spend increasingly more time in ever since our daughter, Syaza, started her Pharmaceutical course in a college there in 2015.

It wasn’t apparent initially. But after spending about four to five weeks at a time in Melbourne, I began to notice that strands of hair falls more after washing when I’m in Melbourne.

It WAS strange to me because the only variant was the place that I was. Whatever toiletries that I use, including shampoo (Furterer at the time) were the same.

So could it be the water in Melbourne that causes my hair to fall more than usual (about 40 strands each time I wash). That’s disheartening …

Had To Do Something …

Whatever that’s causing my hair to fall more, I needed to take action to at least stop the ‘massive’ loss.

So I made my way to Priceline hoping to find something that could help.

I headed over to the shelves that house products for hair loss. There were a number of ‘hair-fibre’ products but I’m not into those.

I just wanted to try something … perhaps a change in shampoo would help?

I picked up Nanogen shampoo – somehow the purple color and ‘clean-looking’ packaging attracted me.

The packaging states that it is suitable for Minoxidil users. I wasn’t using any Minoxidil-related products but thought Nanogen would be alright for me to try because the ingredients in the shampoo seem harmless enough.

In addition, seeing that the shampoo is SLS-free, I didn’t hesitate. To me, ‘SLS-free’ is definitely a bonus although I’m not totally particular in sticking to SLS-free hair products.

Nanogen Shampoo for Women


I have to admit that before I saw Nanogen in that Priceline store in Melbourne, I’ve not heard about the brand.

I found later that Nanogen has been specialising in anti hair loss products (particularly hair fibres) for more than a decade.

The company claims to hold international patents in producing a range of hair thickening products that have been used by millions (both men and women) worldwide.

The difference between Nanogen Shampoo for women and other anti-hair loss shampoos lies in its ingredients :

  • Redensifying Peptides
    Peptides are also called ‘small proteins’ which are incoporated in this shampoo to prevent follicle shrinkage that can ultimately lead to hair falling out.
  • Salicylic Acid
    This contributes to deep cleaning of hair and scalp
  • Aloe and Chamomile
    Apart from keeping hair and scalp healthy, these two ingredients soothe the scalp and reduces irritation. This is definitely a boon for those with sensitive skin.
  • Contains patented Nanogen hair growth factors
    A complex of actives which support and stimulate the natural processes found in hair to maintain healthy hair growth.


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Nanogen Shampoo for Women

My Experience


Trying the shampoo for the first time in 2015, I was taken by surprise.

I didn’t expect the Nanogen shampoo for women , despite being SLS-free, to foam quite easily – meaning I didn’t have to use more amounts as I work to cover my hair and whole scalp.

The smell of the shampoo was pleasant and more importantly, I couldn’t wait to see the result on my hair fall after that first try.

Counted the strands that went into the sinkhole, I was kind of pleased that the number dropped to about 30. OK, it would be nice to have lesser hair fall but ….. it was my first use, after all. I told myself to be realistic.


I continued to use Nanogen shampoo for a few months more after that.

Although I find there’s lesser hair fall, my hair was still falling at about 20-30 strands each time I wash.

What I didn’t like about this shampoo is that my hair wasn’t as easy to comb through after wash, as compared to other shampoos that I used. Using the conditioner might have helped but I didn’t make this a routine for each anad every wash.

I tend to skip using conditioners and use them only when I really feel like it.

Overall, I believe the Nanogen shampoo for women might be more beneficial to those who are using Minoxidil like Provillus.

And generally, I feel Nanogen products are great if you are looking to maintain your hair but it might not be that helpful in stimulating hair growth.

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