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Nanogen Hair Serum

Nanogen Hair Serum
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Nanogen Hair Serum, can be used by Minoxidil users. But this does not mean those who are not using Minoxidil can’t try it.


SLS-, SLES- paraben-free.

Very easy to apply as pipette that comes with the bottle enables the serum to be applied to targeted areas of the scalp.


Results in reducing hair loss and especially stimulating hair growth does take time.

So with one bottle, you can hardly see results. Results may be seen after two or more bottles of use.


One of the issues that stood out in reading Nanogen hair serum reviews is that some people who started using it would see their hair loss return when they stop.

These users are not making things up … well at least as far as my husband is concerned.

Nanogen Hair Serum

nanogen hair serum reviews

This was what happened to hubby when he stopped using it … unintentionally.

You see, we were on holiday and he simply forgot to pack it together with his other toiletries. As a result, he had to go without the ‘regime’ of applying 1 ml of the serum every night, for a week!

You might think – Ah, it’s just a week, wouldn’t make that whole lot of difference, right?


As it turned out, that one week of leaving Nanogen serum application routine cost quite a bit – his hair began to fall slightly more. About 10 strands more (to be specific) each time he washes his hair.

Worrying? You can say that again, especially that he just got his hair loss to ‘stabilize’.


What’s in the Serum?

Hubby started using the Nanogen shampoo first and as he began to like it, he ordered the Nanogen hair serum.

One of the reasons why he wanted to order the serum is because it is free from SLS, SLES and parabens.

Apart from being SLS/SLES-free, the serum contains :

  • Patented Nanogen hair growth factors
    Nanogen has not been specific on what these factors are but explains that this is a complex combination of actives which support, maintain healthy hair and stimulate hair growth.
  • Superoxide Dismutase
    A powerful antioxidant to protect hair from free radical damage.


Serum’s Application

The good thing about this serum is that it is very easy to apply.

There’s no instruction on specifically which part of the day to apply the serum, as long as you apply ONCE a day.

You just draw out 1 ml from the pipette and apply droplets of it to your scalp.

For hubby, he focuses on the frontal and vertex areas because these are the ones where his hair is the thinnest.

Then he massages the serum into the scalp and just leave it to dry.

Nanogen serum doesn’t feel greasy or ‘heavy’ to the touch. It’s almost free of any fragrance as well.

But if you are contemplating to use this product, do bear in mind not to go beyond the recommended daily amount (as stated in the instructions), although I’m unclear what the repercussion would be.


Not Specific to Nanogen Products


Nanogen declares that while the serum can be complemented with its other products such as shampoos or conditioners, it can also be used with other products users are already using.

Like Nanogen shampoos and conditioners, the Nanogen hair serum is also formulated for Minoxidil users.

But does that mean that those who are NOT using Minoxidil shouldn’t be using this serum?

Hubby was using Provillus Minoxidil solution for a while but stopped way before he started to try Nanogen hair serum.

Apart from the ‘hassle’ of having to apply Provillus twice a day, he was concerned about the long-term effect(s) of Minoxidil (although it’s FDA-approved).

Perhaps it’s the knowledge that Minoxidil started as a drug to treat high-blood pressure in patients? 

Although hubby was not using Provillus Minnoxidil anymore, he took the chance to use the Nanogen serum – to see if it would work on his hair.


Real Experience

Like most other products that hubby had tried, the Nanogen serum doesn’t give instant results.

Although it lessens hubby’s hair loss after a few weeks of use, I didn’t notice any hair growth on areas, specifically the frontal and vertex.

It was only after the third month of use that I started to notice his hair on the vertex getting thicker, beginning to fully cover his scalp. Usually, I could slightly see his scalp even when he combs his hair backwards in his attempt to cover it (the scalp).

However, nothing much happened with the frontal scalp area, the left side of which is more ‘exposed’ than the right. So I’m thinking the Nanogen serum works better on the vertex than on the frontal area, for hubby, that is.

In any case, at least it works, although to a certain extent.


Nanogen Hair Growth Serum – Conclusion

In conclusion, Nanogen Hair Serum does work on hair loss – it does help to reduce the hair fall and after a few months of use, does stimulate hair growth.

Would I recommend it to others?

Based on the results I see on hubby’s hair, I would. It surprises me that the serum works although hubby is NOT a Minoxidil user. But I would like to emphasize that seeing desired results do take some time.

Is hubby still using the serum?

Yes, he continues to squeeze it 1 ml on his scalp once … everyday.

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