Nano Hair Growth Clinic Review

If you think that this post is about some hair treatment clinic, you’re mistaken.

No, I did not seek treatment from any hair treatment/hair growth clinic. Never been to one and hope I don’t have to in the future.

But what I want to highlight in this article is a new product – specifically, a tonic that hubby and I recently tried (well, not that recent considering that we have been using it for more than two months).

How Did We Know About Nano Hair Growth Clinic?

Both hubby and I needed a hair cut around October 2019 (hubby more so than I because his hair just needed to be trimmed/cut more often to maintain its neatness). Although I adorn the Muslimah headgear, it’s important that I too keep my hair neat and scalp clean.

We decided to give salon in Johor Bahru, Malaysia a shot as we understood that it’s generally cheaper to have your hair done there. The problem was we didn’t know which salon to pick. There are tonnes in various shopping malls.

Anyway, we decided on a mall we usually frequent – Komtar in JB city. But which do we pick as, in that mall alone, I reckon there are more than five salons. Spoilt for choice is an understatement.

We walked into one called RCS Organic Hair Studio.

As they say, you should just go with your heart. Well, it was also because RCS was nearest to an escalator that we came up from and so became a kind of ….. obvious choice.

What amazed me about the salon was the greetings we received from the salon’s director, Ricky and his colleagues. It was like stepping into a close friend’s home, the warmth that greets you surpassed any other salon I ever visited.

Seeing a Muslimah client (me), he quickly assured us that there is a special enclosed room dedicated to women like me.

I went ahead with a hair cut plus hair and scalp treatment that set me back about RM800. Hubby had his hair trimmed and scalp cleaned (treated) for slightly more than RM200. Overall, not too bad if you were to compare the prices of those in Singapore.

The Serum

As with what usually happens when you are in a hair salon with your barber/hairdresser, you start talking about your life, in particular, your hair woes. In our case, our concern about losing more hair.

Hubby and I have seen improvements in the growth of our hair – thanks to iRestore Hair Growth System and shampoos/Nanogen serum we’ve been using.

However, as we found that the Nanogen serum (from our latest order) did not provide the same consistency nor results we were getting, we wanted to try something else.

Ricky introduced us to Nano Hair Growth Clinic which seems to be available only in Southeast Asia (as I understand). It’s only sold in salons like RCS.



I have trust issues when it comes to where products are made. Since this tonic is made in Japan, hubby and I didn’t hesitate to try. It shocked us at first to know that a bottle cost RM485!

But if you do your sums and consider that it IS a bottle of 300 ml, then you’d realize it IS value for money.

There is no pipette like the one in Nanogen where you are recommended to use about 1 ml each time.

With Nano Hair Growth Clinic tonic, you are recommended to use twice a day, six sprays/squirts each time. However, you must use it on clean scalp, meaning only after you have washed your hair.

As I wash my hair alternate days, I use the tonic every other day.


The serum is made from essential oils such as birch, chamomile, chia seed, lavender, rosemary. It also includes caffeine, saw palmetto and castor seed oil – important ingredients that are known to stimulate hair growth.

I guess owing to the various essential oils used in this product, the tonic has this clean, slightly sharp, some might call camphoraceous smell that sticks to your scalp even hours after you applied it. I like it because it makes me feel like I just came out of a spa treatment!


Since it’s been more than two months since hubby and I started using it, it’s time we talk about results.

Firstly, I like that the tonic is easy to apply with the spray-type cap provided. You don’t need much – I use 6 to 10 sprays each time.

When initially applied, it will make your hair slightly wet and limp. But personally, I find my hair soft and manageable the day after application.

What’s more important is ….. does it help reduce hair loss? I find there’s less hair loss when I wash or comb through my hair.

As for hubby, there appears to be more hair on his vortex area, something that is most welcomed since that is the most vulnerable area for him.



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