Does iRestore really work

iRestore Hair Growth System – Six Months On …

Update 2020: We are still using the iRestore hair growth system, together with DS Labs serum Spectral.DNC and alternating between DS Labs Revita shampoo and German-made Plantur 39 shampoo. 

Will elaborate on this combination in another post.


I know the topic says ‘six months on…’. In fact, hubby and I have been using the iRestore hair growth system for slightly longer than that (since we started in December 2017).

Late last year, we bought the “iRestore Cyber Kit: Black Friday Exclusive” package that included the :

  • iRestore hair growth system (the ‘helmet’ as I call it)
  • iRestore shampoo
  • supplements and
  • serum

I had discussed what these products individually are in a previous post, so I shall not go into the details here.

But what I want to talk about in this article is whether I have seen significant, positive results after months of using the iRestore package.

What You Are Probably Dying to Know

Like many who have experienced hair loss, I was yearning for quick results when I starting experimenting with different products that claim to stop hair loss and increase hair growth.

We tried various shampoos and serums usually for two to three months before deciding if the product is worth our time and/or money.

With the iRestore hair growth system, however, we didn’t practise the same like what we did with the other products.

On the contrary, we decided to be ‘more committed’ to the iRestore products. We wanted to use them for more than six months (as recommended by the company, Freedom Laser Therapy) to see if the products would really help in our hair loss management.

One of the most compelling reasons to do this was that as soon as we purchased the product, we received an email from the company that said “Rather than looking for hair growth initially, we recommend you to look for reduced hair loss and preserving existing hair first. That’s a great sign that the laser hair therapy is working for you”.

Reduced hair loss? Well, there wasn’t much reduction in hair loss that hubby and I had noticed in the first few weeks of use. It was only after three months that we noticed a considerable hair loss reduction (judging from the 20 strands found in the sinkhole compared to the usual 30-40 after each hair wash, as far as I was concerned).

In a way, the email that we received was spot-on in that we didn’t see much hair growth in the first few weeks, let alone in the first few months of use.

It was only recently, after six months that I find my hair felt thicker …more volumized, if you will.

iRestore hair growth system reviews
Photo 1 (taken in December 2017) : Hubby’s scalp – obvious thinning around the mid and vertex area.

But the more welcomed result was that for hubby. As you can see from Photo 1 which was taken in December 2017, the area around his midscalp/vertex was thinning, with very little hair growing on those areas then.

Using the iRestore hair growth system thrice a week for seven months now, I have noticed more hair growing in the previously ‘thin’ areas.

See the difference between Photo 1 above (taken in December 2017) and Photo 2 below (taken in July 2018).

iRestore – How We Got Results

Does iRestore really work
Photo 2  (taken in July 2018) : Hubby’s scalp – More hair now around the midscalp and vertex as compared to Photo 1 above.

I would say hubby is more diligent in his use of the iRestore hair growth system (the helmet), while I tend to be more complacent, forgetting to use it when I was supposed to. (Instead of using thrice a week, I usually use twice weekly, instead). 

I shouldn’t complain though because each session takes just 25 minutes and it’s not as if you have to time it yourself. The iRestore system comes with built-in timer and beeps as soon as the 25 minutes is up.

We started using all the four products in the beginning – washing our hair with the shampoo, applying the serum and taking the supplements.

In the first two months of using the four products however, hubby and I found that we lost more hair than we did previously.

Does iRestore Work? See What This Study Reveals

The Shampoo

In our bid to stop further loss, we just thought we should isolate 1 product rather than stop using the whole iRestore range simultaneously. We both agreed to do away with the shampoo for the time being and replaced it with Lipogaine Big 3 shampoo (for him) and Art Naturals Argan Oil shampoo (for me).

Our strategy worked … well at least to reduce the hair loss slightly.

The Serum

To be honest, we didn’t quite fancy the texture of the serum either. iRestore’s serum is thick and not too ‘user-friendly’, especially with the application via pipette. There is no suggested amount to be applied although the label said to ‘apply liberally’. So you won’t know how much is enough.

You guessed it! We took the liberty to experiment with another serum that we like – Nanogen.

To say that we saw instant result would be lying. However, we did notice gradual reduction in hair loss after we replaced the iRestore serum with Nanogen.

But above all these, I thought the best result was for hubby as I can now really see hair covering his mid and vertex area of his scalp.

At the end of the day, I would say that laser treatment for hair …well… works.

Our reduction in hair loss was the result of our experiment in complementing the iRestore hair growth system with the iRestore supplements, Nanogen serum and using shampoos like the Art Naturals Organic Argan Oil Shampoo, Shiny Leaf Argan Oil Shampoo and Lipogaine Big 3 Shampoo.

From our experience, results weren’t fast. It took patience, diligence and perseverance. But I would say I’m happy with the results that hubbby and I got so far.

You might want to give the iRestore hair growth system a try. And hey, you don’t have to go with what I’ve written here. Why not….

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What Happens If You Stop Using The Device?

Yes, we were wondering too ….. what would happen if, for some reason, we stop using the device.

It could be that we were travelling and didn’t bring the helmet along…or simply forget to stick to the recommended treatment of using three times a week?

This is what we found in our trials :

  1. There is no significant difference if you forget to continue with the routine of 25 minutes per session, thrice a week (for instance, if you forget or missed a session out of those three days). We didn’t see more hair loss simply missing to use the device for a day.
  2. We noted significantly more hair loss when we stayed away from the helmet for more than two weeks (meaning we did not use the device, at all).

So lesson to be learned is that whether it’s the device, serum, shampoo (or combination of all), it’s best to stick to their use consistently if you want to maintain that crowning glory!

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