irestore hair growth system reviews

iRestore Hair Growth System Reviews

iRestore Hair Growth System
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The iRestore Hair Growth System is using LLLT that is safe for home-use.
More affordable than laser treatments at salons, it is a top-rated laser device for hair loss and thinning hair.

Results vary with individuals and may take about four months.


I have read various iRestore Hair Growth System reviews but wasn’t satisfied with the materials I read until I found a recent study conducted on the device itself.

But before I get into that, let’s delve deeper into the company that comes up with this system.

iRestore Hair Growth System – Background

irestore hair growth system reviewsThe iRestore laser system is a product by Freedom Laser Therapy founded in 2003 by Craig Nabat.

Believe it or not, the company does not start out with the objective of treating hair loss with laser therapy. In fact, following his own success in stopping his smoking habit via laser treatment, Nabat established Freedom Laser Therapy as a laser therapy clinic that used low-level laser technology (LLLT) to help smokers overcome their addiction in a nicotine-free and pain-free way. He worked to ensure that those who undergo the treatment did not face unnecessary and agonizing negative side effects.

The iRestore laser hair growth system was born following three years of research into the use of this laser technology in combating hair loss. Nabat and his team discovered that LLLT can stimulate the growth of thicker hair and retard the progression of hair loss (And yes, it was also borne out of Nabat’s desire to find a solution to his own thinning hair woes)

The creation of iRestore system enables both men and women with early to moderate stages of hair loss, the ability to manage this problem in the comfort of their own homes without burning a hole in their pockets (with laser therapy in salons).

(You are probably aware that hair loss treatment at salons can cost thousands of dollars!)  

How Does iRestore Work?

The iRestore hair growth system uses high-quality medical-grade lasers and LEDs to provide the optimum light output at the most appropriate power level that would be effective for hair growth.

The device makes use of both lasers and LEDs. Lasers provide coherent light that penetrates more deeeply and targets specific areas, while LEDs provide stimulation over wider area. Thus iRestore would help in managing hair loss with depth and breadth stimulation.

The cells in the scalp absorb the light energy, leading to increased metabolism that can rejuvenate miniaturized or dormant hair follicles. The light source would stimulate blood flow and free up the sebum, creating a more conducive environment for the miniaturized hair to get stronger and make their way through.

Effectiveness of LLLT device lies in the employment of the right

  1. Power – how strong the light is and
  2. Wavelength – colour of the light

Both power and wavelength got to work together at appropriate levels for LLLT to work. If appropriate wavelength is not used, the process may not result in a desired outcome no matter how much power is used. Too much power might lead to over-stimulation which could lead to detrimental results.

The iRestore hair growth system is created to use the right power at the right wavelength to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth

Recommended to be worn three times weekly (on non-consecutive days) for 30 minutes at each session, iRestore’s uses 650nm lasers and high output LEDs. The common hair loss areas are treated with focused light energy for 10 minutes each on the front, middle, and back of the scalp.

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Over time, this home-use device could save you money as light therapy for hair loss in salons can cost thousands of dollars per year. And there’s no guarantee that such salon treatment would work.

In spring of 2017, Dr Adam Bodian, New-York-based board-certified dermatologist conducted a study on the effectiveness of iRestore on 40 men and women who suffered from genetic hair loss and thinning hair.

Twenty were given the iRestore system while the other twenty participants were given a placebo system made to look like the iRestore but equipped with normal incandescent lights (instead of lasers and LEDs).

After 16 weeks, it was found that 100 percent of those who use the real iRestore system experience an average of 43 percent in hair growth. The placebo group, on the other hand, saw about 5 percent increase in hair growth.


Contrary to popular belief, the iRestore Hair Growth System does not grow new hair. However, it helps to rejuvenate dormant hair follicles that would eventually die if left, un-stimulated.

As in the study by Dr Bodian, results vary amongst different individuals and may not be seen within one or two months.

Having said that however, it has been shown that the device would yield results for most individuals with four months of use.

Final Take

While I was skeptical on the effectiveness of LLLT to manage hair loss and thinning hair, I am more convinced now that I better understand what goes into the device.

As discussed above, it is not just having light therapy to treat your hair loss or thinning hair. It is having the right power with the right wavelength that would ultimately determine the success of using a laser device on your scalp.

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