does iRestore rally work

Does iRestore Really Work?

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It’s January 31, 2018 today – it’s been almost two months now since hubby and I started on the iRestore hair growth system.

I can’t vouch for certain that the iRestore system has worked wonders on our hair but what I’m documenting in this post is what we have experienced till now, as far as each of the products under iRestore are concerned.

Does iRestore Really Work?


iRestore Reviews
The package that arrived in Dec 2017 – includes the ‘helmet’ and 6 months supply of shampoo, serum and supplements.


iRestore hair growth system reviews


We got the ‘iRestore Cyber Kit: Black Friday Exclusive’ package last year, meaning we took up the offer of having the iRestore hair growth system (the ‘helmet’ as I call it), the shampoo, serum and supplements.

The ‘Helmet’

I have to admit that the first time I placed this thing over my head, I felt nervous.

I had imagined that I would feel some heat or some ‘pins and needles’ kind of sensation when I use the helmet.

The thing is I had never, ever, in my entire life, gone for ANY laser treatments – be it for my face or any parts of my body.  So can you blame me for shaking a little as I placed it on my head?

But really, my fears were baseless. I felt nothing. No heat, no itch, no headache (all imagined in my head previously!)

does iRestore really work
If you notice that my left eyelid is a little sore, that has nothing to do with the laser device. I had some allergy to a face cream I was using.

The device needs to be used three times a week for 25 minutes each session. The good part is you don’t have to set your clock/watch for that. It comes with the in-built timer. It will beep as soon as the 25 minutes is up.

The first time that we used it, we didn’t make use of the rechargable battery pack. So we ‘couldn’t be mobile’ as the device got to be hooked to a power supply.


If you are getting the iRestore hair growth system (the helmet-looking thing), it’s advisable that you get the rechargeable battery pack as well.

Having the battery pack really helps as you can carry about your chores/activities while you use the iRestore hair growth system. However, for those with relatively smaller heads, just be careful not to bend too much. Maybe it’s just me but I thought if I were to do that, the ‘helmet’ might just slip off your head!

The Shampoo

A few days after receiving the package, I received an email from iRestore that asks about my experience with the whole system.

Honestly, I don’t want to give them any feedback until I reach at least three months of usage/application. (Reminder : it’s been just two months for us)

But what strikes me was the sentence in that email that said, “Rather than looking for hair growth initially, we recommend you to look for reduced hair loss and preserving existing hair first. That’s a great sign that the laser hair therapy is working for you”.

Now back to what I have experienced so far …

Hubby and I don’t think that there is significant hair growth in these two months since we started with iRestore.

How about reduction in hair loss (as stated in the iRestore email I received)?

Well, both of us felt that there was some reduction in hair loss – (perhaps small to others) as I observed that instead of losing about 30 strands after a hair wash, I lose about 20 strands.

Then I remembered what the email stated – that this is to be expected and that after three months, there should be a more significant reduction in hair loss.

Effect on Hair Texture

At this stage, I am also concerned of the shampoo’s effect on my hair. I thought I might need conditioner from other brands after using the shampoo.

On the contrary, the shampoo, as soon as it’s mixed with water, softens my hair. It seems to have similar effect as the Art Naturals argan oil shampoo – the kind of shampoo that doesn’t require you to use any conditioner after.

For those who prefer nice-smelling shampoo, this might be a disappointment as it’s almost fragrant-less.

This might also be a no-no shampoo for some as it contains Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES), said to make your hair dry. But this was not the case for me as I find that my hair, in fact, became softer and more manageable.

The shampoo is also safe for color-treated hair, so again another plus point for me.

Does iRestore Really Work?
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The Serum

The iRestore serum, unlike others that I have used before, contains Redensyl® (and Vitamin E). Redensyl is made up of patented molecules that can stimulate hair cell activity and nourish hair follicles to promote hair growth.

It is touted to be an alternative to Minoxidil.

The texture of this serum is thicker or rather, seems to be more concentrated than what we are used to, in particular, Nanogen serum.

It is recommended that we use it twice a day ‘for best results’.

The label on the bottle says to apply ‘generous amount’ of the serum. On the box, however, the label says to apply 1 ml of the serum twice a day.

For me, I apply  one pippette-full of the serum once a day, instead of the recommended twice a day. The reason is that this serum, being thick, tends to make my hair look wet and a little oily. I don’t want my hair ending up looking so limp!


The Supplements

iRestore hair growth supplementsThe iRestore supplement formula contains biotin, saw palmetto and DHT blocker that is said to improve hair density and volume.

It is recommended that users take one tablet twice a day. So with 60 tablets, one bottle should last you a month.

Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that can thicken hair and reverse the damage from hair loss.

The DHT blocker, together with saw palmetto, helps to  fight the root cause of hair loss and thinning hair by inhibiting the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, which is responsible for the hair miniaturization process.

This formula is great for those on gluten-free diet.

What I’m more concerned about is if there is any side effect in taking this supplement. Some vitamin B-complex that I took before made me hungry that I needed to eat more often. The iRestore supplement fortunately does nothing like that to my body.


Finally …

While using this range of products from iRestore, I am not complementing them with products from other brands as I really want to see the result stemming from iRestore.

Although I have to contend that there is a reduction in the amount of hair loss, I believe it’s still too early to conclude if it has a significant impact on hubby and me.

But thus far, I am quite happy using the four products, although I wish that they could make the serum less concentrated so it’ll be easier to extract it with the pippette. Perhaps then, it would not make my hair look ‘too wet’.

I plan to do another post when I reach my six months with iRestore and certainly I can’t wait to see the outcome then!

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