Does Hairmax Work

Does Hairmax Work?

Does Hairmax Work?


Attaining 3.5 out of 5 star rating from users, the Hairmax laserband 82 has received mixed reviews.

While some users have reported lesser hair loss as well as increase in hair growth, what’s interesting is that there are users who claim there is reduction in dandruff after using the device!

Note : Comes with a five-month money back guarantee.

Hairmax has a range of products to combat hair loss, ranging from laser bands, laser combs, supplements to shampoos and conditioners.

Here we look at the Hairmax laserband 82 and see how it could help in managing hair loss.

Hairmax Laserband 82 – Fastest Treatment Time

This Hairmax device makes use of laser technology only without the use of LEDs.

With its 82 medical-grade lasers, the Hairmax laserband 82 boasts one of the fastest time in hair treatment – 90 seconds for each session, three times a week.

Compared to the iRestore laser hair growth system, this timing stands in stark contrast because with iRestore, you have to use it for 25 minutes each session, three times a week (every other day).

Even using the Capillus devices, you have to be on the device for six minutes each session, every single day.

The treatment time recommended for Hairmax laserband 82 is also the shortest compared to Hairmax’s other laserband, the Laserband 41 (3 minutes) and laser combs, the Ultima 12 (8 minutes) and Prima 9 (11 minutes).

Hairmax Products
Hairmax Laserbands and Lasercombs


One look at the laserband (in comparison to devices like Capillus or iRestore) would set you wondering how this device would be able to provide wide coverage of your scalp to stimulate those dormant hair follicles.

The iRestore comes in the form of a helmet that covers your whole head. Similarly, the Capillus devices which are recommended to be worn under caps, are designed to provide coverage for the whole scalp.

Best Recommended Way to Use the Band

The Hairmax laserband 82, on the other hand, looks like a regular headband that covers just a part of the head when you use it.

So How is Full Coverage Achieved With This Device?

Does Hairmax WorkTo ensure that you get a wider coverage for optimum results, Hairmax recommends that you  place the laserband at three spots on your heads. Each spot is to be exposed to the lasers for 30 seconds, before you move the device to the second spot.

What we thought interesting about the Hairmax laserband is the curved design that features patented hair parting teeth, the function of which is to part or separate your hair during treatment. As the ‘teeth’ get your hair out of the way, the device could work its way to provide maximum amount of laser light to target the follicles

Hairmax claims that this parting teeth design, together with the laser light intensity and density, work to effectively stimulate hair follicles to grow. The parting teeth have an important role in preventing hair from blocking the much-needed laser light energy from reaching the follicles.

Our Take

A reservation that we have on the Hairmax Laserband 82 is in the way the device is to be used.

It seems quite a hassle having to move the device twice while using it and having to time each session (although 30 seconds, recommended for each section of your scalp, would come to past faster than you know!)

However, considering its less bulkier design compared to devices like iRestore, perhaps it would not present much of an issue to users, particularly that you are only required to use it for 90 seconds (for each session), three times a week.

We recommend that the device be used every other day, rather than three days in a row.

Considering its design and weight, we feel it would also be ‘portable’ enough to fit into your travelling bag, allowing you to use it away from home.

Hairmax Laserband Reviews

Attaining 3.5 out of 5 star rating from users, the Hairmax laserband 82 has received mixed reviews.

While some users have reported lesser hair loss as well as increase in hair growth, what’s interesting is that there are users who claim there is reduction in dandruff after using the device!

Impurities on the scalp can certainly contribute to hair fall over time, and its elimination is thus welcomed in managing hair loss.

We thought it is a bonus if the device can really work to rid one’s scalp of dandruff although there is no known evidence of hair loss laser treatment devices out there that can do this job.

Does Hairmax Laserband Work?

The ultimate question is of course how the Hairmax Laserband 82 compares with other devices and if it really works to combat hair loss.

Hairmax claims that rather than providing 82 laser energy, its laserband actually delivers 246 (82 x 3) laser energy over the entire scalp as the user places it in three spots on his head. The movement of the device, together with the parting teeth ensure that the sides of the scalp (instead of just top of the head) also receive treatment.

In addition, as the device is solely based on the use of laser technology, Hairmax claims that you are getting a bang for your buck as theoretically, the laserband 82 is providing 246 laser energy throughout the scalp.

As laser energy is coherent light, it provides more focused, intense light energy towards stimulating the hair follicles as compared to LEDs (light emission diodes).

The argument to this is that :
Does more laser energy equates greater efficiency?

Some laser experts suggest that while it’s true that laser energy provides more targeted light energy, too high a power can lead to undesirable results, i.e., the hair follicles are not stimulated to grow as expected. 

Thus while the laser energy delivered by the laserband 82 seems impressive, it might not work for everyone with hair loss issues.

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