DHT Hair Loss Treatment

DHT Hair Loss Treatment

DHT Hair Loss Treatment

To treat hair loss more effectively, you must find products that :

  1. Treat the scalp from inflammation, itchiness, redness and flaking
  2. Eliminate DHT and inhibit its formation to stop hair from dropping further
  3. Stimulate new hair growth
  4. Block DHT from reaching the follicles


Bear in Mind …

Using anti-dandruff shampoo that helps treat the scalp from inflammation is MANDATORY and MUST be included in the treatment of hair loss.

This is because treating DHT sensitivity and calming the scalp is the FIRST wise thing you must do. Even if you have problem of falling hair but are not experiencing any itch or irritation, this step is still an absolute must.

If you get a product that “stimulates hair growth”, chances are you might still find that you are losing hair even after using the product over time.

This reason is because such “stimulating growth” products help to grow your hair but it does nothing to stop your hair from falling. Likewise, if you were to just use DHT-eliminating products, you might find that less hair falls out but you will not get more hair growing.

So what’s the recommended approach to treat hair loss?

A combination of 1 to 3 would work for most men suffering from hair loss.

However, in addition to these three steps, some men take antiandrogens to counter the effects of DHT-eliminators.

DHT-eliminators help to lower DHT levels but this may lead to lower sex drive. However, topical DHT-eliminating products such as Revivogen is not known to cause such effects.

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