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Cold Pressed Castor Oil For Hair Growth

We have been using the iRestore Hair Growth System for about a month now (since December 2017).

I would say it’s still early to tell if the system together with the package that we bought it with (comprising the iRestore shampoo, serum and supplements) have any impact on our hair loss.

Quite frankly, after a month, I haven’t noticed much reduction in my hair lost, although I must admit that I am loving the iRestore shampoo for making my hair smoother.

Not Sharing the Same Sentiments

I insisted to hubby that his hair seems to have improved after using the iRestore growth system – it’s slightly thicker particularly around the vertex.

I mean I could kind of see his scalp previously. You know how it is for some men (hubby included) who try to cover that part of their scalp by pulling the front part of their hair backwards just to cover the receding vertex? Yep, hubby was doing that.

Now, however, I could see there’s more fine hair covering that area although I can’t say that the growth has totally covered that part of his scalp. (I am not showing the ‘before-after’ shots yet of hubby’s scalp after using iRestore because it’s only been a month since we used it. But I will do a review update following three months of use, as recommended by Freedom Laser Therapy – the manufacturer. As for me, I am currently in Melbourne, Australia and not using the iRestore laser system. So I won’t do a review on the effects of iRestore on my hair just yet until I resume using it for few months.)

Cold Pressed Castor Oil for Hair Growth

A few days ago, hubby claimed that he has noticed an increase in hair fall each time he washes his hair.

It is of course hard to pinpoint any particular cause of this ‘increase’, considering that he was using the iRestore laser hair growth system, the shampoo, the serum and taking the supplements. Not to mention the stress that he probably undergoes as he resumes work after the new year holidays!

In any case, he believed that it was the iRestore shampoo that could be the root cause. He insisted there’s more hair fall although I felt that his hair has improved this past month, albeit slightly.

Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Castor Oil ShampooApparently he had been hunting for new anti hair loss shampoo online and was drawn to Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Castor Oil Shampoo.

My question to him then was … why this one?

I then searched for reviews on the shampoo and after finding out that there are way more great reviews than bad ones, I ordered one bottle for hubby to try.

While at it, I took the liberty of ordering the Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Castor Oil (to be used on the hair for hubby and on my dehydrated skin). 



Cold Pressed Castor Oil – Benefits

The oil and shampoo from Shiny Leaf are produced from cold-pressed castor seeds, meaning that the oil and nutrients are extracted without using heat. This results in products that contain high amounts of essentials vitamins and minreals that can be great for hair and skin.

By contrast, some other shampoos and hair-care products contain chemicals which may penetrate through the skin causing irritation, itchiness and skin problems.

I was thinking that as the Shiny Leaf cold pressed castor oil shampoo does not contain synthetic chemicals, it would be good for our hair in the long term too. So no harm trying!

Cold Pressed Castor Oil Shampoo – Where to Buy?

I finally ordered via Amazon, together with the cold pressed castor oil.

There are users (of the shampoo) who suggest ordering the conditioner as well to manage your hair better after wash. I did not include the conditioner in my order as hubby doesn’t use conditioners. As for me, I’m still using iRestore shampoo and other products.

I believe the shampoo will reach us in a couple of weeks or so (we are not in the U.S.).

Let’s see how hubby’s hair takes to it!

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