Causes of hair loss women

Causes of Hair Loss (Women)

Causes of Hair Loss (Women) 

Causes of hair loss women

This may sound discouraging but the fact is that hair loss in women is usually progressive – largely as a result of factors such as ageing or menopause.


Temporary Cases of Hair Loss …

This usually occurs when women undergo life-changing events such as pregnancy, emotional trauma, medical treatment such as chemotherapy and even changes in diet.

Whether it’s a temporary experience or an on-going one, it is important to recognize that thinning hair as a result of reasons mentioned above is characterized by diffused loss rather than patchy loss.

Women (and men) who notice that they have patches of bald areas on their heads should consult their doctors as the condition might be a result of a different kind of alopecia or immunity-related hair loss. This form of hair loss is usually sudden and rapid.

Commonly, the reason for hair loss in women, is not that different as that in men. It can be attributed to the sensitivity of hair follicles to the hormone, Dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Since hair loss in men and women is most commonly associated with the hair follicles’ sensitivity to DHT hormones, the multiple-prong approach to treat hair loss in men is also recommended for women.

A sober reminder is that there’s no product out there that can stop hair loss or regrow your hair overnight.

So before starting on any product to combat that hair loss, you got to be realistic.

Experience is the only to tell if a product works for you. Patience is key.

Sometimes you won’t see any positive results till after two to three months of using the product(s).

When I first sought anti-hair loss products, I got over-zealous. I would try an anti-hair loss shampoo once or twice, became too impatient and immediately switched products if I still see strands falling out in the sinkhole. Silly, I know but I did that.

Another mistake I made was to use more than one product at one time. Not a good idea because if something happens, you can’t tell which of the products is causing you the problem.

That kind of ‘strategy’, coupled with an impatient attitude, caused much disappointment. Desperation prevailed, stress looms and … the cycle continued … more hair falls out!

I researched deeper and made a pact to try a product for at least two months before I decide if it does any good for me.

There was one exception, though – J.F Lazartigue’s Soy Milk Strengthening Shampoo. Just a couple of times using this, I stopped.

As I towel-dry my hair after using the shampoo, more strands fell and when I counted there were about 40-50. I used a regular shampoo for my next wash and although I was still losing hair, it wasn’t as bad as when I used the J.F. Lazartigue shampoo.

Two days later, for experiement’s sake, I gave the Soy Milk shampoo another try and whoa! The strands just kept on falling. I didn’t even tug at my hair. Now I stopped using it altogether.

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