Causes of Hair Loss (Men)

Causes – Hair Loss (Men)

Before you plague yourself with hair loss myths like : Is hair loss genetic? Is hair loss hereditary? Is hair loss seasonal? Is hair loss related to stress? you MUST understand that hair loss is androgenetic.


Despite What You Think …

This means that the cause(s) of your hair loss, male pattern baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia is due to hormones (androgens) and genetic predisposition, hence andro-genetic.

To elaborate, this means our hair follicles become sensitive to the naturally occurring hormones, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which develops in the scalp. This sensitivity can cause tingling, inflammation, itching and scalp pain. Hair loss comes about as your body tries to react and reject these hormones.


What to Do Then?

As the follicles become sensitive to DHT, our efforts in trying to combat hair loss should focus on products that can manage the follicles’ sensitivity to the DHT hormones … apart from containing ‘hair-growth stimulating’ ingredients.

Thus (just to emphasize) when looking for effective anti-hair loss products, we ought to be looking into those which can :

  1. Address the sensitivity of hair follicles to DHT hormones
  2. Stimulate hair growth


Recognizing Stages of Hair Loss

When considering treatment for your hair loss, it is important to understand how far your hair loss has progressed.

For men, the most common hair loss patterns involve receding at the temples, centralized loss at the top or back of the head (the vertex), as well as diffuse thinning.

Norwood Scale - Male Pattern Balness Guide
Norwood Scale

The Norwood Scale (left image), is often used as a guide to determine the stage of your hair loss. It is also a means to anticipate the condition as it progresses, should you do nothing about your hair loss.

Another important factor hair loss sufferers should take note of is that procrastination in seeking solution to the problem makes it harder to treat the condition. Prevention is certainly better than cure.

With advancement in knowledge and technology, some men who experience hair loss for years have managed to get their hair back, some of course faster than others.

Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Treating hair loss that yields favorable results is a multiple-prong approach.

What that means is if you are experiencing hair loss and then go out to get just some hair loss shampoo in an attempt to stem out the problem, you’re unlikely to succeed. The reason is that in order to treat hair loss, you need to control DHT sensitivity and simultaneously calm your scalp.

Managing hair loss and working towards growing new hair takes more than just an effective shampoo. Check out this post for a better understanding of what you can do to better manage your hair loss.




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