It started with 10-15 strands each time I wash my hair every other day. I thought that was acceptable since I was in my 30s. But the number of lost hair increased drastically as I entered my 40s. Each time I wash, about 30 strands fell and it got to a point where I got worried as I would see hair on my TV console (left there after I cleaned it, I guess), sink (even on days I didn’t shampoo my hair!)


After we came back to Singapore from our Melbourne trip in March 2015, my husband (who was experiencing thinning hair too) and I noticed that our hair loss got even worse. Not knowing any better, we thought it was the change of weather or the difference in water we used in both cities.


Understandably, we got even more worried as I was losing more hair and my husband’s scalp was beginning to show at the vertex! So came my obsession with trying to find products that could treat our hair loss. I thought my husband could just go bald – I mean it’s generally more acceptable for men to go bald compared to women, right? Of course, he didn’t accept that!


We started trying various products from local pharmacies, particularly switching shampoos that we thought could help. We used different brands of hair serum as we were in the brink of desperation to treat our hair loss fast. (But soon, I realized that having a mindset of treating your hair loss fast is not something you should adopt. In fact, it could cause more distress as the results you get might not meet your expectations. Key point is to try the products, give it time (usually minimum of three months would enable you to see the results), before you give up or jump onto another product).


In treating hair loss, patience is key. By no means do I claim to be an expert in hair loss. However, this site is the result of what we have learned about hair loss (particularly androgenetic alopecia), the products that can help in managing this problem, how to look for appropriate products and the results that we get in trying those products.


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